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7 Signs You Are Suitable for a Career in the Fashion Industry}

7 Signs You Are Suitable for a Career in the Fashion Industry

By MatchKerja

For those who are still confused about choosing a major or career, don't worry! Having many questions is actually good, so that you don't randomly choose. Better to be upset first than sorry later, right?

Especially for those of you who have dreams or talents in the fashion industry, you might be more nervous or even overthinking. The reason is, the fashion industry still has less information in the country. In fact, the development and distribution of the creative industry in the domestic fashion sector actually continues to soar.

Based on data from CNBC Indonesia (2019), the contribution of the fashion industry reaches up to 18% with a total of around Rp. 115 T. The Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) also continues to strive to strengthen the ecosystem in this sector, considering that fashion has become a primary need as well as a lifestyle for Indonesian people.

Well, seeing the potential in the fashion industry that continues to increase, it's not wrong if you start looking at this sector as your future opportunity. If you yourself have a big interest, it's time to explore various careers in the fashion field. Also check out these 7 signs if you are suitable for a career in the following fashion industry.

Your Fashion Sense is Always Most Standing Out In your circle of friends, you are indeed the most glowing when it comes to fashion. Not only in terms of appearance, but you have different opinions, perspectives and even judgments than the average person in general. Anyway, when it comes to fashion, you are automatically appointed to be “the person of everything”

Fashion Has Become Part of Your Identity If you open your Netflix watch list, you won't be far from a fashion show. You are even willing to watch a series even though you don't like the story, because you want to watch the clothes the actors wear. This is because fashion has become part of your daily entertainment, including from reading magazines, content, to other online sources.

You are Very Creative Type Many fashion designers do not have a professional background in the fashion field. But here, they always have creative ways of presenting patterns, assembling the construction of clothes, until they are self-taught to make design illustrations. Their creativity always spills over in various ways, including looking for innovative and out of the box fashion ideas.

You Don't Follow The Trend, You Set It Those with talent in the fashion world are always one step ahead of fashion trends. Before an item becomes mainstream, you may be bored first. The definition of trend also doesn't excite you, because for you it's more fun to improvise designs than waiting or following trends.

Have a Love-Hate Relationship with Math The formula for finding the volume of a parallelogram makes you stressed, but secretly you are very good at calculating fabric materials, sewing cost, or data/waist circumference size matters and so on. After all, a career in fashion also requires a sharp calculator and quick brain rotation to know how to calculate the budget as well as money.

You Are Very Detail Oriented Considering that fashion is one of the most visual fields, it takes sharp eyes or detailed observation. Whether you have a career as a designer, stylist or sales department, you need knowledge about the different colors, shapes and cuttings between items. Even a fashion show director must also know the details of lighting and angle so that the clothes look more selling.

Ready to Work Hard for a Fashion Career The fashion world doesn't just need talent as models, influencers, designers, stylists and the like. There are also many specific careers related to marketing, product development, public relations, inventory strategist, account manager, retail buyer and so on.

And of course, everything requires extra hard work because you will be required to work hard and always be ready to make the right decisions. If you are really mentally prepared and even willing to work long hours in the fashion sector, then YES, you should definitely go for it!

As the first styling platform in Indonesia, Yuna & Co. will continue to inspire you about your career in the fashion industry. But not only that, whatever your heart's calling, keep doing it as much as possible so you can live life to the fullest.

Even now there is a platform that can help you get your dream job in fashion. Not only offering consultation, Matchkerja will also help you prepare a sleek CV and interview, so you can stand out in the eyes of potential bosses and the company of your dreams.

After all, fashion is not just a lifestyle but a basic need for every modern woman. So, don't hesitate to contact the stylists from Yuna & Co. which will help you in boosting your self-confidence through fashion styling!

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