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Best Question to Ask During Interview}

Best Question to Ask During Interview

By MatchKerja

Remember that interviews are two way street, but mostly job applications only prepare and practice how to answer recruiter question and usually forget to prepare question to ask to the recruiter back. When recruiter ask "Do you have any questions for us?" Don’t dodge the question and you should never say "No, I don’t have any questions". To ask a question is a crucial part and simple way to show that you are truly interested for the job and company also best opportunity to ask your interviewer about information that might be important key for the job and to understand that this job is truly right for you.

Rather than the same old boring question, find impressive and unique questions bellow that likely bring job offer for you.

  1. “What is the challenge that the open position currently facing?” This question help you to understanding the bigger picture of the opportunity, recruiter will likely emphasize the real job description and give you hint what you might face when you get the offer from the company.

  2. “What type of career opportunities that may open for this position? Assuming the employees perform well?” To have future career advancement is one of main thing job seeker seek when they look for a job. Not only to see what future can bring you when you work there and able to perform well but this question can also shows to recruiter that you have intention to have long employment with them and you are someone who is going to work hard since day one to reach certain position.

  3. “How would you describe company culture?” Remember! You are going to spend at least 40 hours of your time every week in the company. To get insight about the company culture is important, being able to work in a company with good work life balance and good benefits is everyone's dream. Take the chance to ask the question to get insight!

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