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BurnOut and How to Overcome It}

BurnOut and How to Overcome It

By MatchKerja

You may be familiar with the term BurnOut. Burnout is a condition where we feel tired emotionally, mentally, and physically because of work. It can cause various effects. It could be losing interest in doing tasks, becoming more sensitive, feeling drained of energy even when doing small tasks, or losing motivation. Therefore, productivity decreases and work targets couldn’t be achieved.

These are various causes of burnout: Excessive workload and the limit of time. You will find it difficult to focus on completing one job or even difficult to allocate time for anything other than working Toxic environment. For example, bullying or your co-workers are too individual that make you feel reluctant to ask questions or even share stories related to work. If you have this, your work progress wont be significant.

Well, here are the tips how overcome burnout: Create your daily to-do lists By creating a to-do list, your work will become more organized than just leaving it in your mind. You can also give a checklist for each completed task, so you can focus on the next task!

Create your priority scale Prioritize the task you have to finish first. Maybe you can prioritize from the easier one to complete, or the most urgent task first.

**Tell someone ** You can tell someone about your problem, task, or anything with your friends or maybe your boss. Besides feeling more relieved, their insight may be able to open your mind in building strategies to get the task done.

Take a rest Working constantly indeed drains your energy. Therefore, don’t forget to take care of your health too. Take a moment to rest or spend your time by gathering with your family, sleeping, and me-time.

If you find these methods are not enough, you might want to do consultation with a counselor or psychologist.

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