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Diversity is Not a Gap!}

Diversity is Not a Gap!

By MatchKerja

The existence of cross generations from Boomers to Generation Z and Millennials in the many startup, multinational, and global companies in Indonesia makes some people work in a multigenerational and multicultural environment. This encourages them to adapt and complement each other. But in reality, these generational differences often cause conflict in the work environment.

Check out the following tips so you can work optimally in a multicultural and multigenerational environment!

Recognizing the Characteristics of Each Generation We can't generalize to everyone. There are still tech savvy Boomers and Generation Z who don't like challenges. By recognizing the characteristics of each generation, at least it helps us adjust our behavior and understand their mindset. For example, Generation Z tends to still have high ambitions and enthusiasm, and is still looking for a lot of new things. To deal with such people, we can share tasks and information, provide direction as mentors, and give appreciation for their hard work.

Respect Diversity It's very likely that there will be misunderstandings about someone's work style if you don't ask the person what they need. For example, Generation Z tend to need their supervisors as mentors rather than bosses as they need to be able to walk alone but stay in the right direction. So, it is best to be aware of the differences and each worker to understand each other's preferences. This will make it easier to make small changes and respect different views.

Stop Seeing Diversity as a Gap The company certainly employs people from various generations based on the abilities they have. When we understand the generational differences in the workplace and accept them for what they are, then we can all work together more effectively. What you need to do is empathize to recognize who they are and what they contribute to the company, not from which generation they come from, but from their hard work, then you will be more enthusiastic about doing the same thing and contributing more to the company.

Companies have a big role to play in creating a supportive corporate culture for diversity since each generation has different characteristics, values, and attitudes towards work!

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