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Enhance Your Chances of Getting a Job!}

Enhance Your Chances of Getting a Job!

By MatchKerja

We can find various opening positions on many job portals or LinkedIn. Usually LinkedIn or other Job Portals display the number of applicants for each opening position. We even often find hundreds of applicants for just one position.

Competition in well-known companies or in positions that are often considered as “dream jobs” tend to be more stringent. Contacting your employer's recruiter directly can help you create a relationship that stands out from the other candidates.

Check out the following steps to enhance your chances to attract recruiters!

Search Companies on Linkedin. Try to open the profile of the company you are applying for and read carefully about the company. On Linkedin, you can see at a glance about the company, company posts, opening positions, even people working for the company.

Look for a Recruiter Account from that Company. When you open a company account on Linkedin, you can see the employees at the company and their positions. Browse various profiles until you find people who work in the field of Human Resources, especially recruiters.

Find Recruiter's Email. You can browse the recruiters' accounts until you find their emails. Some of them often include their email on their profile. You can find the email through the activities they do on Linkedin because some recruiters often post job applications along with their email.

Approach Recruiter. In addition to applying through the existing job portals, you can contact the recruiter's email that you have found. Don't forget to use professional subjects such as "Position - Name" format, body email, and attach your Cover Letter and CV in 1 PDF file.

Pay Attention When Sending Email. The time to send an email to a recruiter is recommended during working hours to avoid your email being piled up with other candidates' emails.

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