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Have You Personalized Your LinkedIn URL?}

Have You Personalized Your LinkedIn URL?

By MatchKerja

Almost all of you surely have a LinkedIn account, right? LinkedIn is usually used as our digital CV which contains our work experience, educational background, and other experiences. In addition, LinkedIn can also be used for job seeking and building professional relationships with other users!

Well, as a job seeker, LinkedIn is obviously very important because recruiters can screen through your LinkedIn profile after checking your CV. But wait! Before that, let's check your LinkedIn URL first, does it already look professional?

As we all know, the LinkedIn URL will usually be included in our CV or even a cover letter, just in case a recruiter wants to see your profile there. It will look like a mess if you haven’t personalized your LinkedIn URL. Typically, LinkedIn URLs that have not been personalized will look so complicated and too long with lots of combinations of letters and numbers.

Now, let's learn how to personalize your LinkedIn URL! It's really easy!

The first step, all you need to do is going to your profile and then click “Edit public profile & URL”. After that, you can continue by typing your name or combining your name with 1-2 numbers. For example and click "Save".

Now with a LinkedIn URL display like this, of course it looks more interesting and professional. It's easy, right? It would be perfect if you also personalize your whole profile based on what you have on CV. Don't forget to personalize your LinkedIn URL now or you can contact MatchKerja to improve your LinkedIn profile!

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