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How to Get a Job Without Prior Working Experience}

How to Get a Job Without Prior Working Experience

By MatchKerja

Finding a job is never an easy task. Especially when you have just graduated and have no working experience. However, sometimes it feels like employers ask us to have 15 years of working experience when we are still 25 years old. But don’t worry, these are things you can do to get a job without little to no working experience:

1. Aim for internship positions. Most recruiters would value working experience more than academic score. An internship is also considered as working experience and can be a good start for you to get valuable experience and knowledge on a role, before committing to a full time job in that position.

2. Join volunteer activities. Working as a volunteer can also be a good selling point and can make a good impression on the recruiter. You can also network and broaden your connections from these volunteer activities.

3. Develop your skill set. Enhance and develop practical skills that are needed in your industry. You can even start by joining free webinars and courses.

4. Optimize your profile. When applying for a job, your CV, cover letter, and even your LinkedIn is your touchpoint with the recruiter. Make sure that you can impress and gain their interest from the first sight.

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