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How to Recruit in a Candidate Short Market}

How to Recruit in a Candidate Short Market

By MatchKerja

The term "candidate short market'' refers to a point in time where there are fewer job seekers than there are available positions. The number of vacancies is outweighing the number of people searching for employment. As a result, the market is highly competitive with companies battling to attract and recruit the best candidates out there.

Many employers are surprised to discover they are not getting anywhere near the number of applications they would have done a year or two ago. And it’s not simply about the number of applications being received either, it’s about the candidate quality too. So where does that leave you if you are an employer in that situation? There are a number of things you can do to make sure your job opportunities are being seen by and attracting the ideal candidates.

Be Decisive and Fast!

According to research, a large percentage of candidates will take the first good job offer they receive. And, according to IBM research, 80 percent of candidates will choose one job offer over another based on the relationships they form during the recruitment process.

Review Salary and Package

Most importantly employers need to make the salary and package is stated clearly on the job advert. On average, online job adverts that include salary information receive 41% more applications compared to job adverts without any salary indication. If you don’t include a salary in your job advert you run the risk of potentially eliminating a lot of candidates, as it’s a vital piece of information they want to know before even applying for the role.

Highlight Flexible Working Opportunities

Many candidates today are looking for positions that allow for some flexibility. This could be in the form of greater location flexibility or it could be related to the hours they work.

The more flexible you can be as an employer, the more people will be drawn to your vacancy and be able to consider themselves for it. If you are able to offer flexibility, make that clear in your job advertisement and throughout all other related communications. Not only will it increase the chances of finding the ideal candidate, but it will also support workplace diversity and the flexibility of your opportunity could be the deciding factor between a candidate accepting your role over another employer’s offer.

Think Beyond The Standard Social Media Platforms

Finding positive online reviews is a wonderful thing. When you are considering joining a company and see positive reviews, it greatly aids your decision-making process. Great experiences and good customer service are strong indicators that you could be a good place to work for. Yes, you will receive the occasional negative review, but we all understand. If the majority is positive, your brand appears to be much stronger!

Partner With Recruitment Agency

When it comes to sourcing, your agency is your best friend (if they aren't, find a better one). Ideally, your recruiter will be able to provide you with a deep and diverse talent pipeline, their own network, and some slightly unconventional sourcing approaches that will help you fill the role. Although we do not recommend desperation placement, or hiring a warm body just to fill a vacancy, you may want to consider an interim solution in the form of a contractor or temp while you continue your search.

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