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List of Hottest Job in 2022}

List of Hottest Job in 2022

By MatchKerja

Entering 2022, have you found your career goal? Every year technological advances and people's needs change, especially in the last two years when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. The field of work that was originally done in the office, was forced to adjust to the situation so that it could be completed at home. Many types of jobs are starting to be abandoned during the pandemic, but on the other hand there are professions that are really needed during the pandemic.

Check out the list of the most in-demand jobs in 2022!

Health workers. Jobs in the health sector still dominate the jobs that are most needed in the future such as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and so on. The presence of medical personnel is increasingly needed because of the large number of health workers who died in the midst of the pandemic, making us lack medical personnel. This is because the pandemic has not ended until an unknown time.

Information Technology (IT) Expert. The next area of ​​work that is in high demand in 2022 is information technology. This field continues to grow along with the increasing use of gadgets and the internet for the needs of studying and working at home. It is not surprising that experts in the field of technology and information will always be sought to support activities related to the internet and gadgets. Software or application development are two of the many jobs in the field of information technology that can be a professional choice in the future.

Financial Experts. Finance is one of the fields of work that is always needed every year. This job will help a company or individual in managing their finances, in order to achieve maximum and healthy profits. In addition, in recent years financial literacy has begun to increase, especially for Generation Z who want to be more prepared in preparing financial provisions in the future. They seek a lot of information about financial growth and how to manage finances well.

Market Research Analyst. Recently, more and more vacancies have been opened for market research analyst positions. It is predicted that this profession will become one of the most sought after jobs next year. They generally research and analyze market conditions as well as gather information to consider the potential sales of a product or service. In short, in this very dynamic era, they must be able to predict the items that will become a trend and can sell well.

Graphic designer. Graphic designer is a job that is in high demand in 2022. This is because this profession is a creative field that cannot be replaced by machines. Another factor is the advancement of technology and social media as one of the biggest platforms for implementing the promotion and marketing of a business.

Data Scientist. One of the tasks of a data scientist is to make predictions based on past and present data, which are then processed into information. In addition, data scientists are also tasked with strategic planning to data visualization for easy understanding. Furthermore, some of the skills needed for this profession such as statistics, data mining to Python P & R programming language. In Indonesia itself, there are many big companies that understand the importance of data science in building their business, so the role of Data Scientist is increasingly needed. In fact, many companies make it an important position in company management.

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