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More About Company Reputation and Why is It Important}

More About Company Reputation and Why is It Important

By MatchKerja

What is company reputation? How is it different from the company image?

Reputation is basically a perception that describes the overall behavior of the organization and its relationship with stakeholders that is formed over time. In contrast to an image that can be formed and changed in a short time, building a reputation requires consistency over a long period of time.

Things that affect the company's reputation are:

Company Product Quality. Basically, the quality of the company's products will always affect the company's reputation. If the product is attractive but the quality or function is not good then the company's reputation will be reduced. Companies must ensure that the products offered must be able to meet customer desires perfectly.

Company Profits. In companies, especially public or public companies, company profits are certainly very important and can affect reputation. If the company continues to suffer losses, of course, stakeholders will not trust the company.

Company Management. Internal company management may not be directly visible to all stakeholders. However, stakeholders can see what management is doing outside the office. This shows that management can't just hide all year round. The management team, including company leaders, must be able to establish good communication with customers or other stakeholders. Thus, the company will have a good reputation.

Corporate social responsibility. It is proper for companies to have social responsibility. This can be started from something as simple as maintaining business ethics and moral ethics. By running a business honestly and in accordance with existing ethics and regulations, customers and the public will see the company's reputation positively.

Strategy to improve company reputation:

Maximize marketing content. Companies must be able to show customers about the quality of your product or service, work culture, and company news. The better the content owned by the company, the customer trust will increase and the perception of stakeholders towards the company will be more positive.

Focus on customer experience. This is nothing new because every company believes that the customer is number one. The entire customer experience must be understood by the company, whether it is a good or bad experience. Honesty, transparency and admitting mistakes will enhance the reputation of the company.

Don't forget employee satisfaction. Employees are the driving force behind the success of a company. Every company wants to retain the best talent. Employees can become ambassadors for the company and the most trusted spokesperson. If the company treats employees badly or has a bad work culture, the company's reputation can be tarnished.

Solve the problem ASAP. When negativity comes to the surface and begins to tarnish the company's reputation, take action to find a solution instead of sweeping it away and hoping the issue will go away. People will respond favorably to every sincere effort made by the company.

Build a genuine and engaging company. Stakeholders can spot the lies and can tell if the company is simply reacting to bad reviews or a negative reputation. Companies must have a high concern to improve a good reputation.

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