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On Internship? This is What You Should Do!}

On Internship? This is What You Should Do!

By MatchKerja

Internships are usually the first thing that college students or fresh graduates do before entering the real world of work. During an internship, you will learn about the job description of a position, the company culture, and the different types of co-workers or bosses. Therefore, you will get an overview and get used to the atmosphere of work life. Here are some tips so you can maximize your internship time!

Be Initiative! Use this internship as a time for you to show a good attitude to your co-workers. Ask them if there's anything you can do and never let your time run out in silence. Who knows if you will get an offer as a permanent employee if your impression is good?

Watch Your Words and Gestures! There are many things that can happen during an internship. Maybe you will be given a lot of tasks and it can affect your mood. However, keep in mind that you are an intern and this might be a good opportunity to start your career. Make sure that your interactions with others remain good in tone and expression. Even when communicating directly, you must pay attention to your grammar so that your co-workers won’t be offended. Respect your seniors and also, if you have a different opinion, please listen to their opinion first before telling your opinion. If a senior invites you to do a hand shake, as a form of respect you need to return his handshake. However, if you don't want to shake hands, give a sign from afar or a certain code so that neither party feels offended or uncomfortable. Also, making eye contact when talking is also something you need to do. This shows that you are really interested in the topic of conversation and respect the person you are talking to.

Use Your Phone Wisely! The temptation of social media is certainly one of the reasons for interns to stay connected to the outside world. However, don't be busy looking through your phone to share every moment of your internship because it will actually leave a bad impression on you. If you have an important call, ask your co-workers or seniors permission to pick it up. Manage your time to reply to incoming messages so that you don't seem to be playing on your phone often.

Don't Leave Your Internship Without Permission If you feel that you are not suitable for doing an internship at a company, you may resign because you feel uncomfortable with the atmosphere of the company or both for the type of work and co-workers. In addition, the reason that is usually used for quitting an internship is because you feel that you are not getting enough knowledge and development. One thing you need to do before quitting your internship is to contact your senior regarding your decision. You can't just quit your internship right away because this can affect the assignments that other colleagues have to complete. If you talk to your senior long before you leave, then the workload that you should have completed can be transferred to someone else. In addition, you also need to maintain the privacy of the internship place by not talking about company secrets.

After reading this, now you can maximize your internship program. Good luck!

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