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Put “Good Looking” Criteria in Vacancy Requirement?}

Put “Good Looking” Criteria in Vacancy Requirement?

By MatchKerja

You may often find "having good looking appearance" requirement in various job vacancies. Then, the question arises, "What if I'm not pretty or handsome?"

Attractive or good looking appearance is a subjective thing indeed. It all depends which criteria that a company looking for. But actually looking attractive is more about the candidates' effort to appear professionally and be able to put themselves in various situations. Especially for some positions which require frequent meetings with clients or customers. Of course, the candidate will be The Face of The Company and obviously you don't want to leave bad impression for them.

Here are tips to make your appearance more attractive:

Prepare Your Outfit Prepare your outfit for at least one day before you go for the interview. The right clothes can make you look best during a job interview. Remember to avoid clothes that are too big or too tight during a job interview because it might be less comfortable and affect your performance when answering questions.

Make Sure Your Clothes Are Neat Make sure the clothes you wear have been ironed first, okay? Both men and women should put your shirt into the bottom of the pants or skirt. You can wear any perfume and belt as well.

It is okay to wear your make up Especially for women, it's okay to wear makeup when attending a job interview. Just make sure the makeup is not to much. Make your face looks fresh and not pale.

Avoid dirty nails The part that is often neglected is the fingernails. Although nail hygiene is not included in the assessment criteria, what's wrong with cleaning it first? This can be an additional point if you are a prospective employee who is very concerned about cleanliness. In addition to cutting nails, women can also apply clear nail polish or other softer colors to make your nails look healthier.

Recheck your appearance Does your appearance match the criteria for a job interview in general? Or is there still something that needs to be fixed because it seems too much? It's better to check back and pay attention to the of clothes, makeup, and others before leaving for the company or interview place. If there is a part that doesn't fit, you can fix it immediately before this error is seen by recruiters later. Customize your appearance with the character that is attached to you. When everything fits, you will feel good about yourself so you can bring out the best in yourself. The best side like this is an important assessment point for recruiters.

Good luck!

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