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Quick Tips For Writing ATS CV}

Quick Tips For Writing ATS CV

By MatchKerja

You can search for any kinds of foods that you like online and it would be delivered right to your doorstep. You don’t have to bother going grocery shopping anymore, a delivery man would deliver your groceries. In some places, you also no longer have to pay cash for the parking fee. It gets easier now, isn’t it?

Technology advancement is also getting closer to various aspect of life. This is also perceived by job recruiters. How does it feel to do recruitment in such large numbers? It is almost impossible to imagine having to process each and every one of the applications manually, one by one. But, there’s no need to worry anymore!

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) present as a software that is used to manage the fast recruiting process up until the offering letter agreement. Besides being able to manage everything well, this can also simplify and shorten the time, so recruiters can work more effectively and efficiently. Usually, CVs are designed creatively with certain types or colors, but different from the ATS version CVs.

Here are some tips you can do so your CV can be detected by ATS!

  1. Avoid striking designs ATS does not detect through certain designs or colors. If you want your CV to pass, make the design simpler. Minimalize using too much colors and shapes like lines or logos, prioritize using words and numbers and only black and white colors.

  2. Maximize the use of key words As it is known that when you want to apply for a job, your CV needs to displays certain key words depending on the job position you applied. For example, if you are about to apply as a Recruiter, then write down the key words for the ability in accordance with the profession. Such as, “administration of psychological testing tools, interviews, CV screening” and so on.

  3. Use bullet points or numbering In order to explain your experiences and abilities, use bullet points or numbering. Apart from being more neat, your CV can be easily identified by ATS.

That is all the tips about how to make your CV more ATS-friendly. It is expected that by applying the instructions above, you can write your CV better and more friendly for the Recruiters, and you can get your dream job right away!

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