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Signs of Toxic Productivity}

Signs of Toxic Productivity

By MatchKerja

Being productive is certainly a good thing. We make the best use of time to complete tasks or work that must be completed every day so that the next day we can focus on tomorrow's tasks.

However, have you ever heard the term "toxic-productivity"?

The use of the term refers to people who do something beyond what they should. Is that actually a good thing to do? Let's take a look at the signs of toxic productivity!

1. Obsessed over being Productive. Of course there is nothing wrong with being a productive person. The wrong thing is, when your productivity has interfered with your health and quality time with the people closest to you. Your physical and mental condition as well as those closest to you definitely need you. It would be useless if the money you got was used to pay for medical treatment, wouldn't it?

2. Often feel guilty when taking a rest. People who is getting trapped in toxic productivity will feel guilty if they pause for a moment, even if it's to rest.

3. Have Unrealistic Expectations. Targets that are too high and impossible to achieve are also a sign of toxic productivity. Because of that unrealistic target they ended up doing a lot of things without a break.

4. Never Satisfied. People with toxic productivity will never feel satisfied. In fact, objectively, what they did was more than enough. Even, they feel there are also some things that are still need to be done, even though they don't really need to be.

5. Not familiar with taking a rest. Even when they are sick, people with toxic productivity still prefer to work. The worse is, having free time to rest is seen negatively by people with toxic productivity. They usually also see people who take a rest as lazy or aimless.

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