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STAR Method for Behavioral-Based Question Interview}

STAR Method for Behavioral-Based Question Interview

By MatchKerja

Recruiters often use behavioral-based questions to find out more about a candidate’s personality or how s/he behaves in a certain situation. The examples of questions can be about how candidates work as a group, how candidates handle complaints from customers, how candidates follow workflows in a face-paced environment, how candidates have to do the tasks of a colleague who is unable to attend, and many more. All inquiries will be customized to the responsibilities of a certain position, environment and company culture.

One method that can be used to answer those kind of questions in a straightforward and precise manner is the STAR Method. STAR Method is a method for answering behavioral-based questions by describing past experiences which include the Situation, Task, Action, and Result that are relevant to the question.

Situation : Telling your situation or experience according to the context of the question Task : Explaining the tasks or responsibilities that needs to be done Action : Telling how you completed the task and how you solved the problem Result : Explaining the result of the action you mentioned before. You can also mention about your achievements, of course it will be a plus for you!

Here’s an example for you to answer “Describe your experience working in groups with other people?”

Situation: “Thanks for the question. I once joined the committee when I was in college. In that committee, I became a member of the fundraising division and incidentally we all had no experience in that field.”

Task: “Our responsibility is to do some activities to make money. usually by selling snacks on campus.”

Action: “However, because of the large amount of funds needed, I took the initiative to sell used clothes that were still worth to use. The clothes are collected from each committee so no capital is needed. The proceeds from the sale are net income for the running of the event. Sales are conducted every Sunday at the Car Free Day event with the aim of attracting a large number of customers, especially mothers and young women.”

Result: “The result of these actions was that the fundraising division managed to become the largest contributor to our events, beating out revenues from other division such as the sponsorship division.”

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