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Still in College? Get This Ready to Make It Easier to Get A Job!}

Still in College? Get This Ready to Make It Easier to Get A Job!

By MatchKerja

After college, some people will choose to follow a higher level of their education while others choose to work. During this pandemic, competition for jobs is getting tougher. Your competitors are not only from fellow fresh graduates, but also experienced people.

If you are currently still in college, follow this method to increase your skills to make it easier to find job:

1. Start understanding the career field that you are interested in Do some research to understand the career field you are interested in. Starting from his job responsibilities to the company list. Besides looking for info on the internet, you can ask other people like your seniors on campus or strangers on LinkedIn. Remember! Do the introductions properly and ask if they are willing to be asked by you first.

2. Take part in organizational or committee activities that can hone your skills. Outside of teaching and learning activities, you can explore various abilities and various roles in organizations, committees, or volunteers. This can hone soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, and increase relationships as well.

3. Take an internship or freelance Internships for freelance are a good starting point for you to be more familiar with the world of work. Although this job may be far from the career field you want to follow. In addition to getting used to the world of work, this activity can add acquaintances and additional money. And also, your CV will be more attractive in the eyes of recruiters.

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