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The Ethics of Resigning}

The Ethics of Resigning

By MatchKerja

Resignation is a common thing in the world of work. The reasons why someone chooses to quit their job are getting a better job in terms of position or salary; willingness to develop their career; toxic environment in previous company; and many more.

However, do you know there is ethics on how to resign from your job? Read this article about the ethics of resignation.

Notify your supervisor or manager. It is important to know the exact time before telling your boss about your resignation. This can make your boss more prepared and with good verbal delivery, your boss can understand your condition better.

Transparency. Transparency is needed to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication. Communicate your situation to your boss honestly and openly, this allows your boss to think of other alternatives that can be negotiated with you, so it can be mutual for both parties.

Resignation letter. Write a resignation letter addressed to your supervisor (supervisor or manager). This is the formal way you should do it. Even though the company environment where you work is not good, it's a good idea to keep writing the letter to leave a good and professional impression. Resignation letter consists of greetings for your boss; explaining your intention to resign and the reason; thanks and willingness to help with the transition to new employees; and closing sentences.

One month's notice. When you plan to resign, please take a look at your employment contract first. The employment contract contains certain procedures or rules that govern you in doing your job, one of which is the procedure for resigning. Some companies apply for one month's notice or two month's notice. So, make sure you don't resign suddenly and pay attention to the work contract again!

A few other tips for you, don't badmouth your previous company in front of other people even though you've resigned. When you bad mouth your previous company or resign rudely, recruiters may think you will do the same if one day you decide to resign again. The network allows many people to be connected to each other, including our acquaintances in the new company and ex-coworkers in the old company. So please resign in appropriate way.

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