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The Insecurity of a Jobseeker}

The Insecurity of a Jobseeker

By MatchKerja

As a jobseeker, you might be wondering why people seem so comfortable with their current job. You also might be wondering how it could be so easy for them to achieve their life goals, their dream job.

Well, it is normal if you feel insecure like you are not enough. Comparing people achievements is easy indeed, but remember, you never know what someone has been going through behind it all.

Being stuck in insecurity for too long won't make you grow if we consider our flaws as obstacles. However, we can also see your own flaws as a motivation to keep growing. Therefore, it is very important to build a healthy mindset in order to be able to manage insecurity well.

Here is the tips how to build a healthy mindset to overcome insecurity:

  • Understand That You Have Your Own Track It's important to know where exactly you are and where you are willing to go. Therefore, you can evaluate what you have, what you need, and what kind of job that you want to achieve. Put in and categorize them on your note based on your priority.
  • Breakdown Your Big Goals It will be easier for you to achieve your goals little by little. For example, this year you are willing to get your first job and then you break it down into some smaller goals. You can set up smaller goals such as creating an attractive CV, being active in LinkedIn, building a network, and applying for a minimum of ten jobs a day.
  • Create a To-Do List Creating this can help you focus on yourself and less comparing with other people's progress. Every goal that you achieve, also will boost your spirit to keep moving. Remember, you may find many obstacles throughout your journey in getting a job, but giving up is not even an option. You will always find a way to get your first job.
  • Self-Appreciation Small progress is STILL a progress. Keep a reminder on hand to help boost your confidence throughout the day by saving compliments people have given you on your desktop or notes app; or writing out all of your accomplishments to review them when you feel insecure such as an interview call or even a replied email by recruiter.
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