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Things You Have To Know About Employment Contract}

Things You Have To Know About Employment Contract

By MatchKerja

Employment contract is an agreement that covers the working relationship of a company and an employee. It allows both parties to clearly understand their obligations and the terms of employment. Employment contract usually includes salary; working hours; and duration of employment which can be an ongoing period of time, an agreement set for a specific duration, or a minimum duration with the possibility of extending that period. It also includes general responsibilities; confidentiality; benefits such as health insurance, vacation time, and any other perks that are part of the employment; and future competition which contains agreement that upon leaving the company, the employee will not enter into jobs that will put them in competition with the company.

3 Types of Employment Contract Agreement.

Perjanjian Kerja Waktu Tertentu (PKWT) Perjanjian Kerja Waktu Tertentu (PKWT) or temporary employment contract is a work contract agreement that has a working period that is mutually agreed upon by the employee and the company. The maximum period of time in this contract usually reaches 3 years, and will continue to be renewed in the 12th month of each year. Another rule of the term of this work contract agreement is that the employee will later remain in the same position or position during that period.

Perjanjian Kerja Waktu Tidak Terbatas (PKWTT) PKWTT or permanent employment contract agreement is an employment contract agreement that continues indefinitely until the employee decides to stop working or is dismissed by the company. In contrast to a temporary employment contract which does not have a probationary period, in this limited employment contract a trial period is carried out for usually 3 months. However, after the probationary period is over, employees will usually receive a letter of appointment or offer from their supervisor.

Perjanjian Kontrak Kerja Outsourcing Outsourcing is workers coming from third parties who work with companies to provide labor. Generally, the working relationship that occurs between outsourced workers and the company is a certain time work agreement (PKWT) which has been agreed upon by the company and the labor provider. Furthermore, if the company wants the employee to have PKWTT status or permanent employment, a written agreement must be signed by both parties.

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