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Using Bahasa Indonesia for CV and Cover Letter? Is That Fine?}

Using Bahasa Indonesia for CV and Cover Letter? Is That Fine?

By MatchKerja

You may have asked whether your CV and cover letter should be in English? Meanwhile, you do not feel fluent in English and feel more able to describe yourself in Bahasa Indonesia.

Actually you can use Bahasa Indonesia or English on both your CV or Cover Letter. However, there are several things that MatchKerja can provide for you to consider. Please take a listen!

  1. Use One Language Consistently Bahasa Indonesia or English doesn't matter as long as you are consistent. If you want to use Bahasa Indonesia, then make your entire CV and Cover Letter consistent starting from the title of each section to the content. Inconsistent language will only make your application file less readable and cause it to be unreadable by the system if the recruiter uses the Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

  2. Adjust to the Company You are Applying for There are several things you can consider before applying. One of them is the language that is used by recruiters when posting job vacancies. Also, please read the requirements carefully. You can adjust the language usage from this. If the recruiter shares the job vacancies using Bahasa Indonesia and there is no requirement to use English for the opened position, you can use Bahasa Indonesia. However, nowadays, there are more companies in Indonesia that use English either in their job descriptions or as a requirement. Another example, if you want to apply to a startup company or multinational company, it's better to use English because it allows you to meet other employees from outside Indonesia. So there's no harm in starting to learn how to compose CVs and Cover Letters using English, because they are used more generally as well.

Back to the original question, is it okay to use Bahasa Indonesia in your CV and Cover Letter? It is up to you, you can consider and decide for yourself from the points above! Good luck!

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