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MatchKerja is an Indonesian all-in-one professional career service provider that helps job seekers to get their dream job while simultaneously helping companies connect with the best talent. Our service can assist job seekers in every phase of their career and job seeking process, and ease up companies talent sourcing and recruitment.

Our service offers a transparent, easy and professional result. You will be handled by our recruiters that have a strong background in HR and recruitment which has a high level of knowledge of the industry and area. This allows us to make sure we can find the best talent for the position you are looking for and suited with your company culture.

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How We Work



Looking for new talent? Tell us what you need, from the position, job description, responsibilities, and qualification.



We would like to know your needs better! We will arrange a consultation with our recruiter team to optimize the recruitment process.


Talent Sourcing

We will utilize all tools from conducting active searching, as well as networking, and databases.


Screening & Evaluation

We will do the profile screening based on their CV and personal interview to evaluate candidates skills, attitude, competences, and aptitude.


Report & Selection

We will send you the report of shortlisted candidates and you can choose the best candidates for you.


Interview Arrangement

We will arrange any interview and test with candidates if necessary. Please give your feedback within 3 working days after the interview.


Offering & Hiring

We will advise your offering letter and assist the signing of the offer letter by candidates if you decide to proceed.


For Companies

Employee of Record (EOR) Services

Haven’t got your entity in Indonesia? Legally hire employee in Indonesia with no hassle!


EOR is designed to give solutions for enterprises that have the need in hiring and employ employee(s) with local citizenship, for a limited period of time in order to perform preliminary tasks assigned by Client before obtaining its official business license in Indonesia



1  Set-Up Phase

  • ▪ Preparation for Employment Agreement and signing.
  • ▪ Collecting and checking required documents for employee's onboarding process
  • ▪ Payroll calculation - single simulation
  • ▪ Registration of Social Security - BPJS Health
  • ▪ Registration of Social Security - BPJS Manpower

2  Monthly EOR Services

  • ▪ Monthly payroll calculation
  • ▪ Monthly salary disbursement
  • ▪ Monthly salary slip
  • ▪ Payment and reporting of Social Security - BPJS Health
  • ▪ Payment and reporting of Social Security - BPJS Manpower
  • ▪ Payment and reporting of Employee's Income Tax

3  Annual EOR Services

  • ▪ Yearly income tax calculation and Tax slip (Form 1721-A1) - for single income
  • ▪ Process remaining tax payment on behalf of the employee(s), if any.

4  Employment EXIT Services

  • ▪ Payroll Calculation for termination of employment
  • ▪ Preparation of Income Tax Slip (Form 1721-A1) - for single income
  • ▪ Collecting and checking required documents for employee's exit process
  • ▪ Process remaining tax payment and social security on behalf of the employee(s), if any.
  • ▪ Deregistration of Social Security - BPJS Health
  • ▪ Deregistration of Social Security - BPJS Manpower
  • ▪ Calculation and Disbursement for returning of Security Deposit



Annual Personal Income Tax Reporting (SPT 1721). Any individual with Indonesia Tax ID is obliged to pay and report the income tax of Art. 21 in Indonesia.

  • ▪ Yearly income tax calculation - single income
  • ▪ Process the remaining tax payment on behalf of the employee(s).
  • ▪ Drafting and submitting of tax reports to the Tax Office.

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